Monitor all text content filled in by the keyboard in the target phone

See everything that's being typed in an app.

Our Keylogger feature records the entire keystroke history of specified applications. This encrypted log of captured keystrokes automatically uploads to your portal for you to view and download.

Use this feature to
Monitor keystrokes
Gather evidence for Legal Protection

Know what your employees are doing at work

Software can't do everything, but it can make parents' lives easier, especially if your child grows up and wants greater independence. When choosing the software that suits your needs, be aware of the phone keylogger, which is part of complex monitoring. Below we will explain what a keylogger is and why you need it.

What is a keylogger?
The Keylogger (short for Keystroke Recorder) is a tool that helps to record all pressed keystrokes on the target device. It can be thought of as equivalent to digital surveillance, which reveals every touch and click, every download and conversation. Combine all keystroke loggers, which often help track or record keys on the target keyboard in a secret way, so users don't know their behavior is being monitored.