HOMESpy Call RecorderHow to monitor and set the call automatic recording function on the mobile phone?

How to monitor and set the call automatic recording function on the mobile phone?

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When we use a mobile phone to talk to the other party, we need to record some important calls. At this time, we can turn on the call recording function to help us. If you need to manually set it every time, it is easy to forget to set it. At this time, we can set the automatic recording function of the mobile phone.

Set the function of automatic recording of calls on Samsung mobile phones

  • Click the phone icon on the desktop of the Samsung mobile phone, and then click the setting icon in the upper right corner. Since the UI of different models of Samsung mobile phones is slightly different, the settings for call recording are all in the setting page;
  • In the call settings, select the [Record call] function, and click to enable the automatic recording function. After enabling this function, all calls will be automatically recorded;
  • There will also be a default save path and recording-related options in the settings.

Steps to set automatic call recording on Xiaomi phones

  • From the Phone app, tap the top right "Settings" icon.
  • Find the call recording option and tap it.
  • Click the button on the right side of the automatic recording to open the automatic recording function of Xiaomi mobile phone calls.

Operation Tutorial for Opening Call Recording on OPPO Phones

  • First open the desktop of the OPPO mobile phone, find the settings on the desktop, and then click to enter [Settings].
  • After entering the setting menu page, find [Phone], and then click to enter [Phone].
  • After clicking to enter [Phone], find [Call Recording], and then click to enter.
  • After entering [Call Recording], find the [All Call Recording] option, and after enabling this function, you can record calls.

How to enable automatic call recording on VIVO mobile phone

  • Click [Applications and Permissions] in the VIVO mobile phone settings.
  • Click [System Application Settings].
  • Click the [Phone] option.
  • Click [Call Recording].
  • Select [Automatic recording of all calls] or [Automatic recording of specified numbers].

How to Enable Automatic Call Recording on Huawei Phones

  • Click on the desktop of the Huawei phone to enter the [Settings] menu.
  • Find and click to open [Wireless and Networks].
  • Click to enter [Call Settings].
  • Click to open [Call Automatic Recording].
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